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Dream Modular Services - Living Room Design, Bedroom Design, Modular Kitchen, Pooja Room Design, Dining Hall Design, Tv Unit Design, Foyer and False Ceiling Design

Living Room Design

Dream Modular provides a versatile range of options to bring to life various living room interior design styles, ranging from modern, traditional, transitional, Scandinavian, industrial, rustic, eclectic, mid-century modern, coastal, bohemian, minimalist, to art deco.

Bedroom Design

Dream Modular provides a versatile range of interior design solutions, ensuring your master bedroom exudes sophistication with clean lines, a neutral palette, and sleek furniture, while your children's bedroom becomes a vibrant and playful space with bright colors, fun patterns, and functional toy storage. Additionally, your guest bedroom can be transformed into a serene retreat with Dream Modular's soft and neutral color palette, inviting bedding, and simple, elegant furniture, creating a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for your visitors.

Modular Kitchen

At Dream Modular, we specialize in crafting versatile modular kitchen designs that seamlessly blend functionality with style. Our curated range in Hyderabad caters to various preferences, from minimalistic to intricately designed spaces. Tailored to your budget and space dimensions, our contemporary designs include options like L-shaped, U-shaped, straight, parallel-shaped, island, and open modular layouts. Our goal is to create a kitchen interior that perfectly suits your home, meeting both your needs and preferences.

Pooja Room Design

Dream Modular offers a wide array of Pooja room designs, including Temple Style, Marble Mandir, Corner Mandir, Wooden Cabinet, Glass Mandir, Wood Carved, Wall-Mounted, False Ceiling Design, Ledge Mandir, Simple Design, Shelf Mandir, Cupboard Mandir, Stand Mandir, Rack Mandir, Wall Pooja, Hall Pooja, Backlights Mandir, Door With Bells, Back Jaalis Mandir, Glass Doors Pooja, Marble Slab Mandir, Store Room Pooja, and Tiles Pooja Mandir.

Dining Hall Design

Dream Modular provides a diverse range of dining room interior designs, catering to various styles including Formal, Casual, Modern, Traditional, Farmhouse, Industrial, Scandinavian, Eclectic, Coastal, Bohemian, Transitional, Mid-Century Modern, Minimalist, Luxury, and Compact Dining Rooms.

Tv Unit Design

Dream Modular provides a diverse range of TV Unit interior designs, including options like Wall-Mounted TV Unit, Floating TV Unit, Entertainment Center, TV Stand with Storage, Corner TV Unit, Built-In TV Wall, Modern TV Cabinet, Minimalist TV Console, Rustic TV Stand, Industrial TV Unit, Scandinavian TV Cabinet, Mid-Century Modern TV Stand, High Gloss TV Unit, Glass TV Stand, Open Shelving TV Console, Low Profile TV Cabinet, Freestanding TV Unit, TV Unit with LED Lights, Customized TV Wall Panel, and Rotating TV Stand.

Foyer and False Ceiling Design

Dream Modular provides a range of foyer and false ceiling interior designs, including classic, modern, transitional, rustic, industrial, Scandinavian, eclectic, and minimalist foyer styles. The false ceiling designs offered encompass various options such as contemporary, tray, coffered, vaulted, drop, wooden, gypsum board, glass, stretch, LED, geometric, and 3D ceilings.

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Bathroom Design

Dream Modular provides a diverse range of bathroom interior designs, including modern, traditional, transitional, industrial, coastal, Scandinavian, rustic, luxury, minimalist, eclectic, farmhouse, Asian-inspired, vintage, and contemporary bathroom designs.

Wallpaper and Wallpaint Design

Dream Modular offers a variety of wallpaper and wall paint interior designs, including options such as Floral, Geometric, Textured, Striped, Damask, Abstract, Vintage, Metallic, Flock, and Embossed wallpapers. For wall paint, our selection includes Matte Finish, Gloss Finish, Eggshell Finish, Satin Finish, Semi-Gloss Finish, Metallic Finish, Chalkboard, Textured, Velvet Finish, and Distemper Paint options.

Lighting Design

Dream Modular pays special attention to lighting design, as it plays a crucial role in creating ambiance and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. They design lighting plans that combine natural and artificial light sources, incorporating fixtures that complement the design concept while providing functional illumination.

Play Room Design

Dream Modular provides playroom interior design options, including a colorful and vibrant playroom, an educational playroom, nature-themed playroom, adventure-themed playroom, vintage playroom, minimalist playroom, an imagination station playroom, sports-themed playroom, technology-integrated playroom, princess or superhero-themed playroom, underwater or outer space playroom, DIY and crafty playroom, Montessori-inspired playroom, music and dance playroom, and a Scandinavian-style playroom.

Study Table and Staircase Design

Dream Modular excels in providing expert interior design services for study tables and staircases. For study tables, we offer customized designs, ergonomic solutions for compact spaces, and a blend of modern and traditional styles. Our staircases boast unique and creative designs, incorporating space optimization, modern railings, and attention to safety standards. With a focus on functionality and aesthetics, Dream Modular ensures your study and staircase areas are not only practical but also visually appealing, making your living spaces both comfortable and stylish.

Wardrobe Design

Dream Modular provides a comprehensive wardrobe interior design service, offering options such as built-in wardrobes, walk-in closets, fitted wardrobes, sliding door wardrobes, freestanding wardrobes, mirrored wardrobes, classic armoires, contemporary wardrobes, L-shaped wardrobes, U-shaped wardrobes, wardrobes with lighting, open wardrobes, convertible wardrobes, children's wardrobes, and industrial-style wardrobes to cater to a diverse range of preferences and needs.

Home Bar and Home Office Design

Dream Modular offers a versatile range of interior designs for Home Bars and Home Offices, including classic, modern, industrial, rustic, tropical, wine, sports, nautical home bars, and traditional, modern, Scandinavian, industrial, bohemian, minimalist, mid-century modern, dual-purpose, nature-inspired, and tech-savvy home office designs.

Dream Modular Services - Bathroom Design, Wallpaper and Wallpaint Design, Lighting Design, Play Room Design, Study Table and Staircase Design, Wardrobe Design, Home Bar and Home Office Design

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