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Welcome to Dream Modular, where elegance meets functionality in interior design. Since 2013, we’ve led the industry with sophisticated spaces tailored to clients’ needs. With our own production unit, we deliver top-notch modular solutions, partnering with companies like Wipro and Bank of America. Certified with ISO 9001-2015 and members of MFMA, we guarantee quality and innovation. From customization to meticulous implementation, powered by brands like Hettich and CenturyPly, we ensure excellence in every detail. With transparent pricing and a 45-day delivery guarantee, our 10-year product warranty speaks to reliability. Thrilled to expand with a new branch in Bachupally, we craft experiences that inspire and transform visions into reality. Dream big, design better with Dream Modular.

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Our Interior Design Projects in Kompally

Certainly! Here’s a more detailed overview of each interior design project in Kompally, Hyderabad:

1. The Neighbourhood Villa
– Location: Kompally
– Number of projects: 1
Description: The Neighbourhood Villa project in Kompally offers luxurious villas designed with modern aesthetics and functional layouts. Our interior design team worked to enhance the elegance and comfort of these villas, creating spaces that reflect the preferences and lifestyles of the residents.

2. NCL Sindhu
– Location: Kompally
– Number of projects: 10+
– Description: NCL Sindhu is a prominent residential complex in Kompally, featuring multiple buildings and a range of apartment configurations. Our interior design services have been engaged in over 10 projects within this development, catering to the diverse needs and tastes of the residents.

3. Saket Bhusattva Villa,
– Location: Kompally
– Number of projects: 1
– Description: Saket Bhusatva is a residential project located in Kompally, known for its contemporary architecture and premium amenities. Our interior design team collaborated with the developers to create sophisticated interiors that complement the modern living spaces and elevate the overall ambiance.

4. Aparna Kanopy Mari Gold
– Location: Kompally
– Number of projects: 2
– Description: Aparna Kanopy Mari Gold offers a blend of comfort and style in its residential offerings in Kompally. Our interior design expertise has been employed in two projects within this community, focusing on enhancing the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the living spaces.

5. Subiksha Towers, Kompally
– Location: Kompally
– Number of projects: 1
– Description: Subiksha Towers is a sought-after residential complex in Kompally, known for its spacious apartments and modern amenities. Our interior design team contributed to one project within this development, crafting interiors that reflect contemporary trends and meet the lifestyle needs of the residents.

Each of these projects showcases our commitment to delivering tailored interior design solutions that harmonize with the architectural vision and lifestyle preferences of the residents in Kompally. If you have any specific inquiries or require further information about any of these projects, please feel free to ask!

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